2011 Information Security Magazine Readers' Choice Awards
For the sixth consecutive year, Information Security readers voted to determine the best security products. More than 1,500 voters participated this year, rating products in 14 different categories.

Category: Best Antimalware Products
Readers vote on the best business-grade desktop and server antivirus and antispyware products.

Gold Winner - ESET NOD32
Silver Winner - Trend Micro OfficeScan
Bronze Winner - McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint – Enterprise Edition

Why did ESET win the Gold?
Whoever believes commoditization drained innovation and competition from the enterprise antimalware market clearly hasn’t been paying attention to ESET. After not placing in last year’s survey results, the Slovakian firm and its NOD32 Antivirus product leapfrogged its way to the top the 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards. Yet don’t confuse ESET with an upstart: The 20-year-old company has had an American presence in San Diego for years.

NOD32 Antivirus offers protection from malware, email and Internet traffic scanning, and proactive threat detection. Information Security readers lauded the product for the frequency and speed of its signature updates, as well as for its ease of installation and management, effectiveness in detecting, blocking and cleaning up malware, and its alerting and reporting capabilities. In highlighting what differentiates NOD32 from competitors, ESET points to its Smart Scanner technology, which inspects SSL-encrypted communication channels like HTTPS and POP3S, and intelligently scans compressed files to find hidden threats. The company also touts the product’s automatic removable media scanning, support for a variety of enterprise email clients, and special mechanisms to guard against malicious corruption or disabling.

“Large antimalware organizations can increasingly differentiate based on robust research arms with visibility into huge numbers of endpoints.  They can leverage those resources to gather much more ‘context’ around potential threats in real time to get ahead of increasingly successful attackers.  The proliferation of mobile devices used in the enterprise will likely further this trend.”
-- Paula Musich, senior analyst, Current Analysis

Respondents were asked to rate only the products in use in their organization, and rate each product based on criteria specific to each category. For each criteria, respondents scored the product on a scale of one (poor) to five (excellent). In addition, each criteria was given a weighted percentage to reflect its importance in that category.

Winners were based on the cumulative weighted responses for each product category criteria. Editors arrived at a product's overall score by calculating the average score it received for each criteria, applying the weighted percentage and adding the adjusted scores.

ESET is a pioneer and global leader in antivirus and Internet security software. ESET business solutions offer proactive, fast, and effective server-to-endpoint protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

Install ESET. Install confidence.
2011 Information Security Magazine
Readers' Choice Awards

ESET Takes The Gold